Judith Heft Podcast: Keeping Up with Compliance with Regulatory Attorneys, Lesley Brovner and Mark Peters

Apr 23, 2024
Mastering Your Financial Life — Episode 78

In this episode of Mastering Your Financial Life, Judy Heft interviews Lesley Brovner and Mark Peters, founding partners of the boutique law firm, Peters Brovner. Founded 20 years ago after working together in the public sector, Peters Brovner focuses on civil litigation, internal investigations, and regulatory defense.

Tune in to the episode to hear about:
* When and why internal investigations make sense for companies and nonprofits
* An overview of some of the different federal regulations that industry leaders should be aware of as their business grows
* The financial benefits for a company keeping up to date with your compliance requirements
* 5 Common pitfalls and misconceptions in compliance
* Regulatory attorneys — what they do; and when and why should you hire them
* The Top 3 things Lesley and Mark wish every profit or not-for-profit knew