New York Regulatory Matters Attorneys

Peters Brovner is a boutique law firm that represents plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of cases. The regulatory lawyers at the firm have extensive experience representing clients in matters involving City and State Agencies.  The firm has successfully represented clients doing business with the government who need help resolving disputes as well as those who are under investigation by the government.

We work quickly to master the facts, establish a channel of communication with the government and develop an action plan so that clients can vindicate their affirmative rights or minimize the operational and reputational issues that can accompany an enforcement inquiry.

Given our extensive experience as prosecutors, our first focus is always on case assessment, with an eye toward convincing regulators that our client’s affirmative claims must be respected. Additionally, we work to ensure that regulators understand that our client’s role in the events may not warrant the stigma of criminal indictment or a prolonged investigation.

What are Regulatory Matters?

Regulatory matters involve adherence to laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications established by the government.  Violations of regulatory compliance often result in legal punishment for individuals and organizations, including fines and debarment from future government programs and contracts.  Regulatory matters also include holding the government accountable for remaining in compliance with their own rules, regulations and contractual obligations.

Why Work with a Regulatory Lawyer

We will help get and keep your company in compliance with City and State laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications established by the government and will work with your organization to develop and implement compliance programs and training.  We also represent clients before City and State agencies.

We work to hold the government accountable for remaining in compliance with their own rules, regulations, and contractual obligations.

Types of Regulatory Matters Our Attorneys Handle

The regulatory attorneys at the firm work to advise clients on a variety of City and State regulatory matters, including:

  • Providing legal advice concerning how to get and keep your organization in compliance with various City and State laws, rules and regulations. When an investigation culminates in liability for a client, we work diligently to persuade the investigating authorities that the sanction should be just and reasonable.
  • Conducting detailed Internal investigations to help organizations determine whether they are in compliance with all relevant City and State and federal rules and regulations. We also help organizations that are being investigated by regulators and prosecutors.
  • Working to hold the government accountable for remaining in compliance with their own rules, regulations and contractual obligations. For example, we have successfully represented clients in instances when the government has failed to make timely payments on their contractual obligations.
  • Working with clients who are seeking mandated regulatory approval and require legal assistance and advice.

White-collar and regulatory investigations present complex and sophisticated issues. Therefore, we frequently work with forensic accountants, investigators, public relations consultants and other professionals to understand and address key concepts. We also recognize that an investigation often spills over into other aspects of the client’s personal and business affairs and work with clients to minimize the harm in these areas as well.

Reach Out to a Knowledgeable NY Regulatory Matters Attorney

The regulatory attorneys at the law offices of Peters Brovner LLP represent both plaintiffs and defendants in matters involving City, State and private institutions.  The firm focuses on holding governmental agencies accountable for following their own rules, regulations and contractual obligations. The firm also has extensive experience in representing clients in City and State regulatory matters.  If you or someone you know needs legal advice, please contact the lawyers at Peters Brovner LLP for a free consultation